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Emmy's is named after the original owner’s granddaughter. Discover the flavorful journey that began in

1992. Indulge in our exquisite sweets, crafted with love and tradition. Every bite tells a story of sweet nostalgia. Savor the sweetness of Emmy's legacy.

Our team is dedicated to creating moments of joy. Relish in the magic of our treats, a testament to our founder's vision. Step into a world where every confection is a celebration. Emmy’s Sweet Shoppe, where every moment is as special as the first bite. The current owner purchased Emmy’s in 2022.  While continuing the tradition of “candies from the 20’s to the 70’s”, Emmy’s now carries over 1000 candies, 100 chocolates and 120 varieties of bottled sodas, and 100+ flavors salt water taffy.

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