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Who knows what candy you like better than you? This is why at Emmy’s Sweet Shoppe, we offer over 500 bulk items, priced by the quarter pound. great fun for kids and children of all ages. 

Salt Water Taffy

Emmys is proud to offer over 108 varieties of Taffy.  Since 1917, Taffy Town has produced quality taffy, made in Salt Lake City.  Available prepackaged or in bulk, you choose from a sampling of Banana, Chocolate, Key Lime, Licorice, Strawberry Cheesecake, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Maple Bacon, Chicken and Waffles, Mango, Peanut Butter and so many more.  It will be easy to fill a bag with every flavor you can imagine.


Emmys has over 40 varieties of quality truffles, including Birnn and truffles by Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate.  In 2018 we began producing our own high-quality truffles after purchasing the equipment from our supplier, who retired.  We use the highest quality Chocolate from Peters Chocolate and the highest quality oils available.  Each one of our truffles is hand scooped and hand dipped in Dark, Milk or White Chocolate.  The same tradition as truffles were made 100 years ago.  Emmys can provide truffles for your special event.

Our bulk chocolate section features fine chocolates from Asher, Long Grove, Birnn.  Choose from Haystacks, English Almond Toffee, Fudge, Jelly filled Chocolates, Turtles, Bark, Clusters and many others.


Emmy’s has a growing selection of over 120 bottled sodas which are available cold or mix a 4-Pack to take home to enjoy.  Many are made with Real Cane Sugar.  A great selection of Retro sodas, including Dads, Frosty, IBC, Boylan, Crush, Stewarts, Fanta, Dublin and Sioux City.  Topo Sabores and Jarritos from Mexico and many classics which may include Dr. Pepper, Coke, Big Red, Shirley Temple, Ginger Beer, Virgil’s, Jackson Hole and Pickle soda.  We feature regional sodas like Moxie and Cheerwine and several diet sodas.  We also have many varieties of canned sodas, Gatorade, fruit juices and La Croix.  Enjoy a cold soda while exploring our vast selection of candies and chocolate.

Packaged  Products

Emmy’s has over 300 prepackaged products. Today’s favorites, Candy Filled Children’s candy, Japanese Candies, and step back in time and choose from our many Retro goodies from the 20’s to the 90’s.  Packaged candies available in our bulk section also.


With over 100 Gummi choices in our bulk section, you are sure to find something tasty.  16 Gummi Bear flavors, a large selection of sour gummi’s and over 50 varieties of Gummi’s including Sharks, Worms, Butterflies, Fish, fried eggs, body parts, Dinosaurs, Turtles, Frogs, Alligators and Gummi Banana’s to list a few.

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